How to deal with relative loan

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1 day, however, with the payment associated with two days delayed and the result of the other side was unpleasant. The state cardholder claimed that their current account was blocked and may not get a payout.

Impulse to change

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Lucie never wanted a family member in trouble, but she doubted its version. “ Could it be because he was delayed simply by 2 days to pay CZK 1, 000 to obstruct his account? I failed to think so,” states Lucie.

Poor family relationships bothered the girl, and she wanted to have all the particular loans to herself, in order not to give others problems.

She is known as Dogertospels and wondered just how it was with the account lock and how much left to pay for. She wanted to return the cash quickly, but the operator didn’t want to help her.


Lucia was missing information

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Loan details are key and anyone can only ask about a loan that he provides written on himself.

Though the phone call did not work, Lucie noticed information regarding the Ombudsman while searching Dogertospels’s website. It can be approached by clients who end up in a situation that cannot be resolved in the usual way.


She turned to Ombudsman Dogertospels

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Lucie wrote towards the Ombudsman Jan Holoch and fact told him the girl story. Although the Ombudsman’s power are large, he are unable to disclose foreign borrowing information either. So at least he or she explained to Lucia what the common procedure would be if somebody was late in having to pay.

From this the lady understood that the information from your relative was not true. To prevent such complications, she moved the credit card credit in order to herself. At the same time she wished to consolidate all her financial obligations, but after the previous encounter, she suspected that it may not work. She spoke towards the Ombudsman about all this.


The consolidation at Dogertospels helped Lucie

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This individual understood how difficult the problem was and appreciated that will she actively communicates. This individual discussed her case to experts and decided to consist of Lucy in the Debt Ratters program. Therefore, despite the undesirable credit history, Lucie was able to get rescue loan consolidation from Dogertospels.

“ Thanks to the Ombudsman’s intervention, I had been able to combine the financial loans – about CZK 108, 000 -. Thanks to this particular, instead of CZK 8, 1000 per month, I only pay CZK 3, 161. The Ombudsman helped me a lot, everything has been done within 14 days, ” says Lucie.

The story seems to have a joyful ending. But is it actually? Is Lucie doing well following a year and a half since combination, or has she dropped into a debt trap once again? Read the end of the girl story in the fourth payment of the series.